Tuesday, October 27, 2015

October 27, 2015

Today we're going to a chocolate factory!!! (This is why our Pday is on Tuesday instead of Monday.) Like a real one!!! It has a chocolate waterfall and everything. I love chocolate so much it's just something that has always made my day here in Norway.

It's already getting down to 0 celsius in the mornings and frost everywhere. It's not even Halloween, are you kidding me?? But I do like the cold so I don't feel too bad that I'm missing out on the sun. Norwegians do love their tanning salons and perfectly sculpted eyebrows.

Our investigator is doing great. He's really moving forward and he'll be ready for November 14th. For some of your questions, he is the only one of his family. They were all killed or died before he was the age of 10. He doesn't really have a recollection of them. He doesn't have a last name because he doesn't remember it and there is no one in his family surviving to be able to figure it out. Yeah, I know, and you thought you had a bad day. He's awesome and his prayers are so intricate, we need to pray like that for sure.

Talking to crazy people as usual and a guy was like "I just had an operation" and proceeded to lift up and show me his scar and bandages. Pretty gross and cool all at the same time. He figured I wasn't from Norway and then when I told him USA he continued on about his partying days in Miami Beach and the types of women down there. This dude is like 55 and telling me about his American partying days while recovering from an appendectomy or something. Stuff like that makes the days.

One of my contacting techniques is going up to people with headphones in and asking what they are listening to, and they tell you every time. I mean who wouldn't, everyone thinks they listen to the best music. I started talking to this one guy about rap and he proceeded to put his headphone in my ear. It was awesome.

Another way is I asked this kid what he was reading and he was studying English. Perfect because I'm American, I responded proudly. He then took out his computer and was having me help him with his homework. Before he asked me if I had seen the new Star Wars trailer and I said no, and he played it. Unfortunately after one minute he insisted we keep working on his homework, so I helped him.

Everything is great. We're actually getting another companion on Wednesday, so that will be fun.

Cold, rainy, beautiful, and tough, but that's all good stuff.

Love, J

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