Monday, October 19, 2015

October 19, 2015

Norway is actually known as more reserved than Sweden but it just depends. Both are pretty closed off - they're attractive, rich and in good shape, why would they want to talk to anyone else? Norway uses the Krone for money, only in Norway.

So we actually have a baptismal date. Ummm pretty cool. November 14th, he's a man from Sierra Leone and he's way open to everything and it's awesome. So now we're just working with him and trying to get him ready before then, that would be so amazing if he did. He's had a rough life and wants to come closer to God and we told him this was the perfect way. We also have some other investigators so things are going well here.

I usually try to talk to the most interesting looking people and the most attractive. I like hearing the stark differences in their responses, but also some that are just common throughout being in Norway. Norwegians all smell really good. It's a weird thing to pick up on, but something I have noticed.

I finally realized after 19 years why dad makes spaghetti really well. Because as a missionary you make it all the time!!! It's cheap and no matter how cheap the ingredients it always tastes delicious, so Dad I commend you!

Not too much happened this week, Norwegian gets better every day and understanding does too. I go on splits with an elder who has only been out six weeks. It's weird being the senior companion, but it's not too hard. I like the responsibility. 

I'm having a great experience even though I'm tired ALL THE TIME. It doesn't stop. But, I've only got 20 more months so I can do it. Kind of weird looking at the pictures from when I left, I feel like I was so much younger. I really wasn't, but I guess I'm all mature now :)

Love you guys and when I say prayers I always say "og velsigne familier våres og veneer våres" (and bless our family and friends) so remember when your day is rough you've got 155 pounds of crappy Norwegian language in a white shirt and tie praying for you even though it's already 0 celsius in October. 

Love, Elder Hoopes

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