Monday, October 12, 2015

October 12, 2015

(Jackson and his companion, Elder Skoien)

I can understand what people are saying and can kind of communicate back to them what I think. No, people aren't all of a sudden listening to us but that isn't what it's about. I'm actually doing great. We talk to people, and they say no and we move on. Kind of how it goes. But I know what everyone is saying and I can communicate.

Something I have been noticing recently is my ability to connect with people. Everyone in the mission has been saying this, but I never really thought about it until one lesson this last week. I was able to communicate a few words that I knew about how families are the most important thing in my life and that how I knew it was important for them and them to hold on to. For the family that wasn't so receptive, they received it so well and that was a blessing for me. I didn't realize that connecting with people is a skill and talent and it's something I want to improve on to the fullest. 

There's a woman here from Vina del Mar, who lived in Chile when dad served there on his mission. It's kind of difficult talking about collectivos and spanish stuff in Norwegian, but I pulled out some spanglish in there and it worked out, so yeah #trilingual.

The man we've been helping to quit smoking hasn't smoked in two weeks and we should be meeting with him tomorrow. Things are going well and we actually have so many investigators we have to count them on two hands!!! That's a first, not for the sisters though. They're investigator machines, ha ha I wonder why?

There are many English here and I love hearing their accents. There was a baptism of an 8 year old boy in the ward on Saturday (Elder Skoien and I were witnesses) and he has the thickest accent and it was so awesome. He got to tell me all of his favorite football (soccer) teams and favorite players. Kind of dig european life.

Love, Elder Hoopes

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