Monday, September 14, 2015

September 14, 2015

(The Northern Lights in Tromsø)

I made it through the transfer and am not leaving. 

Thanks for the prayers, they mean a lot. That's mostly what we do all day because that's what you can do 217 miles above the Arctic Circle. It finally stopped raining on Thursday after two weeks straight. The rainiest country in the world for sure. I believe it. But, it finally did stop raining and when it did we SAW THE NORTHERN LIGHTS. They were insane. They were green and white and they were dancing. We had to run down to the docks to get away from the light pollution but they were absolutely instance. It was so cool. Really out of this world. For sure crossed that off the bucket list.

We also had a sweet Catholic Phillipino lady take us to the Polaria museum and we learned all about the Northern Lights and Svalbard. Svalbard is the island on the way north of the map by the North Pole. We actually have a family, from Chile, who now lives there and skypes into church with us. 

We haven't been up to that much besides talking to people and getting rejected. My Norwegian is getting a lot better and I can understand the fisherman now. I would say he's probably my best friend and I might be his. He talks about stuff and I listen, pretty much best friendship.

I will be here for six more weeks and we are going to a members house who lives two hours away, on Thursday. Loves always,
Eldste Hoopes

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