Monday, August 17, 2015

August 17, 2015

So this week we were talking to a Muslim man and sometimes we want to hear about Muhammad for a little bit and as we were talking and listening to the 7 pillars this quite attractive girl comes over to us in a dress and a sash that says "Bride to be." I may not know too much Norwegian but I do know the phrase for "can I have a kiss." My companion and I just looked at each other with such fear and anticipation for what the following events were going to be. We didn't say anything for a little bit because we were stunned but just kind of looked at her. She must have thought we didn't know Norwegian because she asked us again in English. And I'm just sitting there thinking "lady I know what you asked but I do not know how to answer your question." After all her friends were done laughing we finally responded that we were missionaries. They all sighed and walked down the street a little more and the next (extremely lucky) guy she asked gave her a kiss.

We went to Alta on Wednesday and Thursday and that was sick. I was the most north missionary for a whole 24 hours. Elder Cheney and I went out into a town called Nyvoll. Which is even higher than Alta and knocked on doors. No one was home but we got the most incredible views. We probably hiked three miles into the hills looking for houses. Only one person opened the door and looked at us and must have thought we were crazy walking in the rain in a town where she probably thought she was alone.

There's a man in our ward who has serious dementia and is a fisherman. The fishermen in Norway speak the most insane Norwegian you have ever heard. So, he speaks a language I barely understand in a dialect that I have no idea about. He talks a lot about WWII, Putin, Obama, his brother and how someone cheated him out of some money. I know when he is speaking about WWII because he uses words such as "bombe" and "torpedo" so I have some context clues. He lives in a nursing care facility. So we decided to get him to church. We had to wheel him to church which is down a giant hill. On the way down we just had to pull back big time, but that was no problem. As soon as church started he didn't talk about explosions at all, which was awesome. After church we had to take him back up the hill to his place so Elder Gingrich and I got in some good leg work.

One thing I noticed is that in Norway the stores are not nearly as inviting as they are in America. If you see a Costco from a mile away you know you're getting some good stuff in there. But here, all the grocery stores have blacked out windows and the stores are small and tiny. I guess that's Europe.

The language is tough, just when you think you got it, you don't. But my companion has been out for 10 months and knows Norwegian well.

Have a good week, love ya'll keep the info coming.
Eldste Hoopes

Nyvoll - northern most missionary spot in the world

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