Wednesday, July 22, 2015

July 8, 2015

So I made it to week 2, which comes after week 1. I learned a lot of language since Wednesday, crazy how fast time flies (I feel like a 75 year old recently married woman saying that) and how much we can learn in such a short time.

This week was a lot of sitting around but also bonding with the zone and district. I'm a little more outgoing than the rest of the guys. Just a random thought, one of the mission presidents (President Bertasso) looks like Martin Scorsese with a less full head of hair, especially when he wears those glasses. I get a kick out of it every time he conducts or anything. I bet no one else in the entire MTC knows who Martin Scorsese is but it's comforting that I do.

The lessons are good and sometimes Eldste Killpack (Jackson's companion) and I start cracking up in the middle of the lesson because we have not one clue of what to say, but other times are calm and collected.

I really love writing in my diary. I would call it a journal but come on we all know that it's my personal little diary. It provides some solace and alone time even though my companion is right there next to me.

It's crazy how close I've gotten with these guys, yes they drive me crazy sometimes and I'm baffled at what is said sometimes but for the most part we're good.

P dag (P-day in Norwegian) is basically Christmas and we all call the day before PEve or P Day eve. What a wonderful time to be alive (Pday is short for preparation day where he does things like email, laundry, play soccer, etc.)

And I am finally sad to say that after almost 4 years of the same hair cut they lopped some off. One counselor in the district told me to cut it.

Saw "Meet the Mormons", not half bad.

Eldste Hoopes
(Jackson with his roommate and friend from BYU, Carter Lybert)

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