Wednesday, July 22, 2015

July 22, 2015

A month down!!! Wooo!!! Less than two weeks and I'll be in Norway. Unfortunately my teachers say that all the Norwegians will expect me to speak Norwegian considering my blonde and fair skin. I guess it's the price I pay. I have a Swiss guy in my zone who is super cool. His name is Elder Ziegler. He's straight out of Switzerland.

Not much has happened this week, just class as usual. I did learn that most people in Norway don't want to hear what we have to say. Which doesn't surprise me at all. But the fun part is that our teacher said we're going to have to get creative if we want people to listen. Those were my magic words. What better than for someone to listen to me? I have a million ideas, most of which include yelling things and as soon as they turn to look at me running after them and telling them what I believe. I'm so stoked. Each day is one day closer to leaving here. I've learned a lot but ready to leave.

Already I can see how dad says it's the most free time you'll have in your life. We have a ton of personal time and sometimes I study scriptures other times I just think about life and it's so nice because it's my wildest imagination.

The good part about being in the country is that you can be sent to places in the north where you can see the northern lights and not see the sun forever. But since it's summer I'll see if allll dayyyy. But Norway has some cool spots. For the Disney fans, Frozen takes place in Arendale, which is a town in Norway properly called Arendal. So that'll be awesome to meet Elsa. There's also Thor and the legend of Thor is Norse mythology. So yes I will be going to Aasgard, as that is a place in Norway (more of a state of mind, though, we read a whole thing on it.) Or if you're really bad they send you to a place called Finse. Where the planet Hoth was filmed for Star Wars. JK, it's a glacier but I wonder if you could still go there. Also in the New Avengers movie there's a place where it filmed in Norway. I hope they have some statues of Loki or Thor or something. That'd be incredible.

Eldste Hoopes

(Jackson and his companion, Eldste Killpack)

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