Wednesday, July 22, 2015

July 1, 2015

Sup. Yeah I made it. I know such a surprise. A week in and I haven't even called home!

First day and we're talking to an "investigator" in a big group and a kid was like "well we only believe the really bad people go to 'heck'" I kid you not! I lost it in the silent room, that's just too good.

Second day was long. I for sure will work for myself or at least have loose management when I am older. I can't have people tell me what to do.

I'm good at finding ways to pass time. We do NOT have enough time to sleep especially working 16 hour days. I'm sure it doesn't get better. We find many different places to sleep in.

The guys are super cool here. My district is huge and they say they've never had a district like ours. Usually I take that with a grain of salt, but this time it's true.

Yes I have the flow strong but I have been asked to get it cut. Right now I am currently playing "let's see how long I can let it go because people seem to not be able to find the spirit because a kid with blonde hair has awesome hair." Yes, a mouthful but the game is fun. Ages 18-21. I am currently winning. Hopefully I don't draw a "Go Straight to Barber Shop" card. I know I should listen but I can feel the spirit with my hair, and last time I checked Jesus had a man and I'm sure if he was alive now he'd have my haircut too. Or maybe the Brad Pitt slick back.

My companion is cool, we've bonded pretty well so far. Norweigian is tough but mostly it's just the vocab. Mentally I'm doing well so far so that's good.

Eldste Hoopes (Elder in Norweigian)
(after a haircut)

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