Wednesday, July 29, 2015

July 29, 2015

A long week this one has been. We have just been reviewing so it kinda feels like we're stuck in reverse. Pretty sure that's a song, if not contact Taylor Swift and get it done.

Angels look like they are stacked, glad they're spending more money than they need, but that's sweet that the Red Sox are paying for Victorino's contract. I assume he'll be out in left.

Yeah Jeppson and I got along real well and him and another elder who is also going to Denmark got really close and they're both going to BYU after the mission so that'll be good to have more homies in Provo.

Wow it feels good to say I've been here 6 weeks. On P-day Elder Killpack and I stand at the curb with a cream soda and watch these young men and women get ripped from their families as they ball their eyes out. I'm kinda glad I had Chris drop me off. It's so entertaining to watch though. Because they are being separated from their families for a whole 2 years without being able to touch them again. The worst is seeing the girl missionaries being dropped off. Usually the mom cries and siblings cry but with the girls you can see the dad keep on his sunglasses because he sees his precious little girl leave and no man can hold back those tears. I couldn't even imagine.

Got the ties and the Cherry cola tic tacs. THOSE THINGS ARE BOMB. I love them so much. At first I was like these things are okay, they're just cherry but then as soon as i bit into them I was like WOAH Cola!

I leave on Monday. I am so stoked you have no idea. And from what the weather says it's been raining for the past two years basically, so I am so stoked. I love the rain and the cold especially when I get to layer up in winter clothes. Kinda looking like James Bond and such. But instead of a gun we have a killer message that will convert others to come unto Christ. Wow that was a terrible analogy but what do you expect when I'm locked up learning a language.

Yesterday I learned the average elder only serves in about 4-5 places in Norway. Which is way lower than I expected. So the first place I go to will be my home for quite some time. There is this place in the north called Bodo. It's kinda awesome because it sounds like Greedo from Star Wars. Our teacher did impersonations of the different dialects and some of them are absolutely incredible. You know I'm going to have the best time imitating them and becoming a true native. So then I can come back and go, yes, I did fit in while I was in Norway and it was fantastic.

Unfortunately I don't know if I will be able to email next week because when you're in your mission they're usually on Mondays and I won't be getting to Norway until Tuesday. It will be a long week. Oh man it's getting way more real. But I am so ready to go. I get teachers and others coming up to me and telling me about how my language sounds really fluid even if it isn't the correct grammar.

One thing that I have learned is that the gift of tongues is way more than just being able to speak the language. It's about speaking in the way that the people will be perceptive to you. Anyone can speak the language fluently but I truly believe it takes a special gift to be able to talk to different people in different ways. Everyone is totally different and if you talk to everyone the same it may work on 1 out of 100 people. That doesn't do any good. That's why some people like some movies and others don't. Because people receive everything differently. You are trying to get 100 out of 100 people. So I talk to everyone individually. Cater to their needs. This is one thing I think I will be quite effective at because I can read people and understand their problems. It is so much more than just speaking. You gotta preach baby preach.

Quote of the week: "The past is in the past, that is unchanging. But the future is where the imagination lies, for the possibilities are endless and the creativity is everlasting." --Me

Elder Jeppson and Jackson 

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

July 22, 2015

A month down!!! Wooo!!! Less than two weeks and I'll be in Norway. Unfortunately my teachers say that all the Norwegians will expect me to speak Norwegian considering my blonde and fair skin. I guess it's the price I pay. I have a Swiss guy in my zone who is super cool. His name is Elder Ziegler. He's straight out of Switzerland.

Not much has happened this week, just class as usual. I did learn that most people in Norway don't want to hear what we have to say. Which doesn't surprise me at all. But the fun part is that our teacher said we're going to have to get creative if we want people to listen. Those were my magic words. What better than for someone to listen to me? I have a million ideas, most of which include yelling things and as soon as they turn to look at me running after them and telling them what I believe. I'm so stoked. Each day is one day closer to leaving here. I've learned a lot but ready to leave.

Already I can see how dad says it's the most free time you'll have in your life. We have a ton of personal time and sometimes I study scriptures other times I just think about life and it's so nice because it's my wildest imagination.

The good part about being in the country is that you can be sent to places in the north where you can see the northern lights and not see the sun forever. But since it's summer I'll see if allll dayyyy. But Norway has some cool spots. For the Disney fans, Frozen takes place in Arendale, which is a town in Norway properly called Arendal. So that'll be awesome to meet Elsa. There's also Thor and the legend of Thor is Norse mythology. So yes I will be going to Aasgard, as that is a place in Norway (more of a state of mind, though, we read a whole thing on it.) Or if you're really bad they send you to a place called Finse. Where the planet Hoth was filmed for Star Wars. JK, it's a glacier but I wonder if you could still go there. Also in the New Avengers movie there's a place where it filmed in Norway. I hope they have some statues of Loki or Thor or something. That'd be incredible.

Eldste Hoopes

(Jackson and his companion, Eldste Killpack)

July 15, 2015

This week has been pretty good. Gone by super fast. We do the same thing each and everyday. Class for 10 hours gets a little much but I'll only be here for a couple more weeks so I can make it. And next Friday I'll get my travel plans so that will be exciting.

The language is coming along well and we're learning more and more about the culture. Mostly I just use sound effects and large hand gestures to make them laugh because that's the way to make people soften up. Basically the Norwegians don't really talk to anyone but if they do talk to you and become your friend they're your friend for life. Sounds like my kind of people. The country is beautiful and I can't wait to finally get out there. it's going to be incredible.

Advice you should keep with you for the rest of your life: EXTRAORDINARY PEOPLE DO EXTRAORDINARY THINGS

(the missionaries going to Norway)

July 8, 2015

So I made it to week 2, which comes after week 1. I learned a lot of language since Wednesday, crazy how fast time flies (I feel like a 75 year old recently married woman saying that) and how much we can learn in such a short time.

This week was a lot of sitting around but also bonding with the zone and district. I'm a little more outgoing than the rest of the guys. Just a random thought, one of the mission presidents (President Bertasso) looks like Martin Scorsese with a less full head of hair, especially when he wears those glasses. I get a kick out of it every time he conducts or anything. I bet no one else in the entire MTC knows who Martin Scorsese is but it's comforting that I do.

The lessons are good and sometimes Eldste Killpack (Jackson's companion) and I start cracking up in the middle of the lesson because we have not one clue of what to say, but other times are calm and collected.

I really love writing in my diary. I would call it a journal but come on we all know that it's my personal little diary. It provides some solace and alone time even though my companion is right there next to me.

It's crazy how close I've gotten with these guys, yes they drive me crazy sometimes and I'm baffled at what is said sometimes but for the most part we're good.

P dag (P-day in Norwegian) is basically Christmas and we all call the day before PEve or P Day eve. What a wonderful time to be alive (Pday is short for preparation day where he does things like email, laundry, play soccer, etc.)

And I am finally sad to say that after almost 4 years of the same hair cut they lopped some off. One counselor in the district told me to cut it.

Saw "Meet the Mormons", not half bad.

Eldste Hoopes
(Jackson with his roommate and friend from BYU, Carter Lybert)

July 1, 2015

Sup. Yeah I made it. I know such a surprise. A week in and I haven't even called home!

First day and we're talking to an "investigator" in a big group and a kid was like "well we only believe the really bad people go to 'heck'" I kid you not! I lost it in the silent room, that's just too good.

Second day was long. I for sure will work for myself or at least have loose management when I am older. I can't have people tell me what to do.

I'm good at finding ways to pass time. We do NOT have enough time to sleep especially working 16 hour days. I'm sure it doesn't get better. We find many different places to sleep in.

The guys are super cool here. My district is huge and they say they've never had a district like ours. Usually I take that with a grain of salt, but this time it's true.

Yes I have the flow strong but I have been asked to get it cut. Right now I am currently playing "let's see how long I can let it go because people seem to not be able to find the spirit because a kid with blonde hair has awesome hair." Yes, a mouthful but the game is fun. Ages 18-21. I am currently winning. Hopefully I don't draw a "Go Straight to Barber Shop" card. I know I should listen but I can feel the spirit with my hair, and last time I checked Jesus had a man and I'm sure if he was alive now he'd have my haircut too. Or maybe the Brad Pitt slick back.

My companion is cool, we've bonded pretty well so far. Norweigian is tough but mostly it's just the vocab. Mentally I'm doing well so far so that's good.

Eldste Hoopes (Elder in Norweigian)
(after a haircut)